Beer cans thrown at Sox parade & does damage

The World Series Champions, the Boston Red Sox celebrated their victory in style on Wednesday October 31st by traveling the parade route through Boston in the ever famous Boston Duck Boats. The festivities were lively, animated, and the beers were pouring on and off the duck boats. During the parade beers were being tossed onto the boats resulting in some mishaps. Red Sox manager Alex Cora himself got him by a beer bottle while he was on the float with his family. He was visably upset by that, having his kid so near the incident, it could have easily hit his child instead of him. It was a 19 year old, Patrick Connolly of Sandwich, MA, who threw the beer can that hit Cora. He was charged with assault and disorderly conduct. All in all, there were 6 arrests at the parade. Most were alcohol/disorderly conduct related while one 17 year old was charged with carrying an illegal firearm and drug possession.

2018 Red Sox World Series Championship Parade in Boston

In addition to Cora being hit by a beer can, other players were dodging beer cans themselves along the route. Rumor has it though that even some of the players on the duck boats were urging the crowd to throw them beer managed to hit the World Series trophy resulting in minor damage done to the trophy! Watch the moments both Alex Cora and the trophy got him by beer cans below...


When they say #dodamage, this is not what they meant! Connolly, the one who hit Cora on accident with the beer can, made a statement after being arrested saying:  "I love Cora. I didn't mean to hit him." That is probably true and this was just a very unfortunate incident/accident. While that may be true, consequences still need to be had. How do we cut down on the drinking? We don't because people are still going to show up drunk or with beer even if you close the bars/liquor stores down while the parade is going on. Not to mention the local businesses would not be happy with putting a mandate on having bars/stores closed because they would be losing business and you're going to have protests on your hand. The only thing you can do is have a strong police presence as you do and enforce the notion that no throwing of beer cans or objects is allowed and if you do, you'll be arrested and fined. Make an example out of it and that's basically what the police are doing. 

-Producer Lightning


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