Is POTUS Trump's new ad racist?

With the migrant caravan coming closer and closer to the American border, President Trump has recently in the last 24 hours tweeted out a new political ad about immigration. The ad has people up in arms screaming "racist"! Is it though? Is it really or is it just factual? Take a look and you be the judge...


This new political ad comes to us as we approach the November 6th elections. It's perfectly timed to remind voters the Democrats stance on immigration compared to the Republicans. Obviously President Trump is a Republican advocate and pushing for the American people to vote Republican because of the idea that they care more about protecting our citizens from dangerous "illegals" whereas the Democrats don't and will openly let them in to take refuge here in our country. 

After seeing this political ad do you think it's racist or are people just over-reacting again and being way to PC? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

-Producer Lightning 


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