Producer Lightning goes as Lightning for Halloween

I, Producer Lightning of Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB dressed up as "Lightning" for Halloween. What else would I dress up as? It's only fitting right? The only problem is no one saw me do it in the flesh! Unfortunately I came down with something a couple days leading up to Halloween day itself and was out sick on Halloween day so I didn't get to show off my costume at work or part take in our iHeart Halloween costume contest...while everyone was having fun in their costumes I was sleeping trying to regain my strength and health. *insert the sound effect of the tiniest of violins to play* After I slept the day away, I did however feel like I should dress up to hand out candy later that night so that at least someone could appreciate my clever idea. I dressed up with my clever concept by creating a lightning storm on my face through of the illusion of makeup and wore lightning bolt leggings that shot bolts out in all directions in addition to wearing an all black top and scarf to highlight the electric bolts being portrayed on my leggings and face. Then I topped it off (quite literally) with a gray short wig that I tossled to give the wild effect of electricity that is consuming me. This is what I looked like:


I was all excited to show off my costume and hand out candy for my first year as a home owner! Well little did I know no one would see my costume...not a single person showed up at my house in NH and as I mentioned earlier, I was even able to make it to work to show it off there! The only living things that saw my work in the flesh was my two dogs. I think they appreciated it but you can never be certain. They're used to my wild fashion choices so all I got was some eye rolls and looks of wanting to be given more treats since it was Halloween and they thought they deserved extra treats too! Which of course I obliged...but I digress... 

Needless to say at least I took pictures because lets face it, it's all about that "gram" so at least I have that! I might have to recycle this costume again next year but add to it with more twists because I feel like it didn't get it's proper recognition. Thoughts?

-Producer Lightning


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