MA. last Governor's Debate before election

The two candidates running for the Massachusetts Governor's seat is current Governor for re-election Republican Charlie Baker and Democrat Jay Gonzalez. They both debated last night for one last time before the upcoming November 6th election. Once again a big talking point for Gonzalez to attack Baker on is Charlie's support of the Republican ticket when he himself formerly in one of the earlier debates mistakenly said he hasn't decided yet on who he's voting for in the Senate race between Diehl and Warren yet kept urging voters to support the Republican ticket which is Dielh. Baker is not shy about his dislike for President Trump and Geoff Diehl is a supporter of POTUS Trump which makes things all the more interesting. There was one moment in particular during this debate where the candidates were asked 3 words to describe President Trump and each candidate's answers were less than flattering. 

If you missed the full debate, you can check it out here:


Who do you think won the debate overall? VB thinks Gonzalez ended up winning this one. Do you agree?

-Producer Lightning 


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