Pete Davidson gets heat for joke about Crenshaw

Saturday Night Live is in the full swing of things whipping out political skits every Saturday night. Pete Davidson, one of the cast members (more recently known for being formerly engaged to Ariana Grande) is receiving some heat for telling what people are deeming an inappropriate joke about a veteran. When doing a skit about the "weekend update" and talking about the upcoming midterm elections happening across the country, Davidson referenced the GOP congressional candidate for Texas, Dan Crenshaw and made fun of his appearance of having an eye patch.  That  eye patch is a result of his time served in Afghanistan. Hear the statement here:


Did you find it inappropriate? Or are people way too PC and comedy is no longer allowed to poke fun at people? This is a different circumstance though too becaues Crenshaw is a veteran who served our country, not just a regular Joe. For that reason people find it disrespectful because the very thing Davidson is making fun of is as a result of him protecting and serving this country and there is nothing funny about that. With that being said, how should Davidson proceed? Should he apologize? Do nothing? What do you think?

VB & Kim discuss their thoughts here:


-Producer Lightning


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