Lightning's Roundup: Month of October

Another month has come and gone. Do you remember what the biggest headlines were and all that happened in October? It was a busy month! So much happened that you might have forgotten all that even happened. Fret not because I have your recap here of all the biggest news stories from October and of course how much President Trump was involved in the headlines and stories. With that being said here is a general recap of the month as a whole of how much we discussed President Trump on Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB:

On Average Talked About Trump: 40%

On Average Talked Without Trump: 60%

Month of October's Big News Stories Week By Week:

Week 1's Big Topics: 

  • Hon. Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court vote delayed 1 week 
  • Elizabeth Warren says she’ll look at 2020 run
  • Brett Kavanaugh writes NY Times op-ed
  • President Trump sends out first President Alert text 

(26% talked about Trump this week)

1st Presidential Text Alert

Week 2's Big Topics: 

  • Brett Kavanaugh gets sworn in by President Trump (Susan Collins voted for him & Trump apologizes for way Kavanaugh & family were treated in process) 
  • Nikki Haley resigns as UN Ambassador
  • Kanye West meets with President Trump at the White House 
  • Local Massachusetts Governor’s race election campaigning

(49% talked about Trump this week)

Honor Brett Kavanaugh gets sworn in
Nikki Haley

Week 3's Big Topics: 

  • Investigative death of US Journalist Jamal Khashoggi
  • Elizabeth Warren takes DNA test proving her Native American heritage
  • Mega Millions lottery reaches high jackpot
  • Red Sox win the ALCS! 

(48% talked about Trump this week)

Red Sox win the ALCS!

Week 4's Big Topics: 

  • Migrant caravan continues to move towards the US-POTUS Trump responds
  • Suspicious packages get delivered to opponents of President Trump
  • Megyn Kelly makes inappropriate Halloween “blackface” comment & gets kicked off TV
  • Local Senate race debate Warren vs. Diehl
  • Trump says he’s a “Nationalist” at rally 

(48% talked about Trump this week)

Traveling migrant caravan heading towards U.S.
Megyn Kelly

Week 5's Big Topics (short week 3 days): 

  • Red Sox win the World Series! 
  • POTUS Trump visits PA after tragic Synagogue shooting
  • Whitey Bulger is killed in prison
  • Halloween happenings 

(30% talked about Trump this week)

2018 Red Sox Victory Parade in Boston
Infamous Mobster Whitey Bulger

That's all the biggest news stories that happened in the month of October. Stay tuned for the recap of all that happens in this month of November.

-Producer Lightning 


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