Acosta pushes the limit again...Trump responds

Will this be Jim Acosta's final White House appearance? CNN reporter/journalist Jim Acosta has made a reputation of himself as being an abbrasive, combative force against the Trump administration on behalf of the CNN organization. Time and time again he's gone head to head with Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on countless issues. It's no surprise he's not well liked by the Trump administation for his treatment towards them. In his latest appearance at a White House press conference with President Trump, he decided to challenge POTUS Trump on his stance on the migrant caravan and his declaration of it being an "invasion on America". He wouldn't let up. See how the moment unfolded which led to President Trump calling him a "terrible person".


As seen in the video there, a staffer for the Trump administration tried taking the microphone away from Acosta and people are a bit up in arms about the way he fought her on it...there is speculation as to his real intent and whether or not he was gesturing towards the President in the exact moment the intern tried taking the mic away and the video the White House is showing is out of context...Sarah Huckabee Sanders put out a slow motion video of the incident...


After the latest incident of Acosta & CNN vs. Trump & The White House will this be the final straw? The president of the United States told him he was done asking questions and to let go of the mic and Acosta blatantly ignored him, was disrespectful and rude and continued talking at him not allowing the president to continue his conference as desired. It's really no surprise Acosta's press pass was revoked. It was only a matter of time...


There was some back and forth on Twitter between Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Jim Acosta regarding the fairness of freedom of press and treatment of them from the president:


What is your general thoughts here on CNN vs. the White House? Who is in the wrong? Who got personal first? What was the most inappropriate behavior? What is warranted in your opinion?

-Producer Lightning


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