Tractor-Trailer crashes in the O'Neill Tunnel

There were MAJOR delays Thursday morning on commuters' way into Boston during rush hour. A tractor-trailer went flying through the O'Neill Tunnel down I93 southbound and when it was going through, the top of it's trailer hit the roof inside the tunnel as it was too large for the tunnel's capacity. It resulted in a stopped tractor-trailer stuck in the tunnel with debris all over the road inside the O'Neill. Cars were therefore backed up, not being able to continue in their desired direction. Watch the moment the crash was captured on film here:


The crash here happened just south of Exit 20 inside the tunnel. State Police report that two other cars were disabled from falling debris. There are no reports of injuries at this time. Southbound traffic from the north was reportedly backed up all the way back past RT 128.

-Producer Lightning 


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