Crenshaw gets Davidson back on SNL

Roughly a little over a week ago Pete Davidson found himself in some hot water after making fun of former Navy Seal and Texas Republican Congressman's appearance of wearing an eye patch (a result of having served this country) while doing the "Weekend Update" on SNL. If you missed it, here is the original skit that got Davidson in trouble...


After so much heat the week after that "skit", Davidson came back on SNL this past Saturday and made a public apology to Dan Crenshaw and admitted that it was wrong and he made a mistake. Much to everyone's surprise though, Dan Crenshaw himself showed up on the set to be in on the skit and take a couple stabs at Davidson's appearance himself. All joking aside though, Crenshaw ended the skit on a positive note, taking nod at all veterans and those who serve our country in various ways saying "Never Forget". Watch the full skit from SNL here:


Bravo. All is right in the world after we all come together and apologize. What else can you do really? Crenshaw made a great point that "Americans can forgive each other". He made an example of that by going on Saturday Night Live a week after Davidson bashed his appearance. He didn't have to do that. He could have remained bitter and said screw SNL and boycotted them, but he didn't. Do you think President Trump would have acted as Crenshaw did? Now that's a real brain teaser. Say CNN asked to do a personal interview with him and apologized to POTUS Trump for their treatment of him, would Trump do it? I think he might but only with an apology coming from the media. You have to have both sides meet in the middle and admit a little wrongdoing and bend towards forgiveness to reach some middle ground.


-Producer Lightning


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