Fitchburg State player elbows Nichols player

A local Fitchburg State basketball player decided during a game that it was a good idea to throw an elbow at an opposing Nichols College player. It was a completely uncalled for move where he literally just jogged up to the kid, glanced at the referee to make sure he wasn't looking then knocked him with his elbow right in the face. The Nichols kid went down and hit the floor so fast and hard it was quite the shocking moment. Take a look at the moment occurr here: 

It's really quite shocking and unbelievable...when first seeing this video you can't help but gasp. After seeing this video and what occurred, what should happen to this Fitchburg player? Right now the college is facing very bad press with this incident basically going viral. If you google search Fitchburg, this video and story dominates the feed. It's not about how great of a school the establishment is, their main website, their accomplishments, it's this video and incident of their player so heinously attacking an opponnent. NOT a good look at all. What should the college do to this player of their's? Probation from the team? Community service at the school? Expulsion? The public is calling for strict action seeing as how this Nichols player could have been seriously injured or even killed, really. What do you think should happen?

-Producer Lightning