What is Dunkin' thinking?! No Peppermint Mocha?!

Say it ain't so...! The public has now come to learn that Dunkin is not going to be offering "Peppermint Mocha" flavored coffee this holiday season. This news comes as a big shock to many who look forward to that beloved flavor every time winter rolls around. Why though? Why are they not offering this flavor that is so popular? We love peppermint mocha and many of us seek out Dunkin sometimes specifically for their seasonal flavors. The peppermint mocha flavor was first introduced in 2004. 

Employees were given a heads up a couple weeks ago that the flavor was not going to be offered this year with no explanation as to why. When talking to an annoymous employee they stated: “It’s up to corporate really what we carry every season for fancy donuts and swirls.”

Customers are very upset about this decision to exclude peppermint mocha and I don't blame them. I'm upset too! I was just thinking about how I need to make a stop at Dunkin's to grab a peppermint mocha now that Halloween is over and the winter flavors should be out. Well I guess now I won't be going...


Dunkin said in a statement: 

"We’re always looking to provide our guests with new, delicious coffee flavors. While Peppermint Mocha could certainly return in the future, this year we’re excited to introduce a new Cinnamon Sticky Bun flavor and bring back the guest favorite White Chocolate flavor. Cinnamon Sticky Bun Coffee and Lattes inspire holiday cheer with the indulgent flavors of a warm sticky bun, including cinnamon with a hint of frosting. White Chocolate Coffees and Lattes combine creamy white chocolate and subtle vanilla flavors."

While the Cinnamon Sticky Bun sounds good, it's no peppermint mocha! Tisk, tisk!

-Producer Lightning


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