PETA wants you to change your idioms!

PETA also known as the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is known for pushing controversial agendas in society that are against the norm and stir controversy in the effort to protect animal rights. In other words, people know who PETA is. The latest movement coming out of PETA is that of trying to get people to change their verbiage on some classic idioms. An example that you're most likely to be familiar with is: "Bring home the bacon". PETA wants to change that and encourage people to say "Bring home the bagels". I personally LOVE it! Not just because I'm a snowflake on this topic because I'm a pescatarian (recently-I was a vegetarian for 11 years) and support animal rights, but because I find it entertaining! I love the notion of trying these phrases out on people and seeing the look on their face. 

*Also side note: a pescatarian is someone who does not eat any mammals or meat but does eat seafood.*

I love that PETA has gone all out on this & even changed their Twitter name: "PETA: Bringing Home the Bagels Since 1980". You can always count on them to never back down & go all out.


So what are the idioms PETA wants you to change? They came up with a list as well as suggestions on what to replace those classic phrases with instead. Here they are:

1) Original phrase: "Kill two birds with one stone."

Replace with: "Feed two birds with one scone."

Photo By: PETA

2) Original phrase: "Take the bull by the horns."

Replace with: "Take the flower by the thorns."

Photo By: PETA

3) Original phrase: "Let the cat out of the bag."

Replace with: "Spill the beans."

Photo By: PETA

4) Original phrase: "Hold your horses."

Replace with: "Hold the phone."

Photo By: PETA

5) Original phrase: "Be the guinea pig."

Replace with: "Be the test tube."

Photo By: PETA

6) Original phrase: "Open a can of worms."

Replace with: "Open Pandora's box."

Photo By: PETA

7) Original phrase: "Bring home the bacon."

Replace with: "Bring home the bagels."

Photo By: PETA

8) Original phrase: "Beat a dead horse."

Replace with: "Feed a fed horse."

Photo By: PETA

9) Original phrase: "More than one way to skin a cat."

Replace with: More than one way to peel a potato."

Photo By: PETA

10) Original phrase: "Put all your eggs in one basket."

Replace with: "Put all your berries in one bowl."

Photo By: PETA

What do you make of these phrases? Is inappropriate if we ask you "YAY or NAY" on the phrases? PETA finds that the original phrases carry meaning and can send mixed signals to students and people about relationships between people and animals and can promote abuse. That's PETA's big concern. They are on a mission to promote animal-friendly language and think by doing that, they can contribute toward ending youth violence against animals. 

Bottom line, phrases and words can and do carry meaning and can influence individuals. PETA wants to stop that and I for one can't argue with that! While I do find some a little bit much like the eggs in a basket phrase switching to berries in a bowl, I respect what PETA is pushing.

We talk to Ashley Bern, an Associate Director at PETA as well as get your thoughts on some of the classic idioms you use:


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