Don Lemon Vs. Chris Cuomo

This week the funerals and remembrances of the late President George H.W. Bush have been taking place in Washington D.C. as well as Houston, Texas. While in Washington, the former presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter and their wives sat in the front row as President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump came in to take their seats in the same row. POTUS Trump extended his hand to both Barack and Michelle Obama as they were directly seated next to him and First Lady Melania. He did nothing wrong and the theory is that since they have nothing directly to trash him on in the mainstream, they are going to create a story themselves. Cue Don Lemon and his ridiculous notion of how Barack Obama should have acted in the presence of POTUS Trump. Lemon in his newly sophisticated look with the glasses (eye roll), got into it with fellow anchor, Chris Cuomo about how Obama should have completely ignored Trump's extended hand. He even demonstrated on set. Take a look:


Chris Cuomo called Lemon's actions "petty and small" without missing a beat! We can't help but agree with Cuomo...we get that the two men do not get along personally and have polar opposite political view points but can't they be civil for the sake of the office? For the sake of the country? For the sake of the grieving family? Apparently according to Don Lemon, no. Civility is out the door when it comes to President Donald Trump because the man is such an affront to the institution. After all, it was President Trump who started the whole "birther movement" and Michelle Obama has said in her latest book that she will never forgive him for that and yet here they are shaking hands. It shows that, they can set their personal differences aside and be civil and respectful at a fallen president's funeral. Although Lemon would prefer the gloves came off and they got after it. 

The take away is that President Trump acted very maturely and respectfully and the media HATED THAT so they tried to make something out of nothing and who better to be the conductor of that than Don Lemon...

When it comes down to it, who is more in the right? Don Lemon or Chris Cuomo? VOTE in our poll:


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