White House Staff Shake Up

It was a quiet week news wise as the country was paying it's respects to the late former President George H.W. Bush this week and conducting his funeral services. It didn't last for long though. Friday morning hit after all the services were over, and the news came pouring out of the White House! President Trump announced his new choice to replace the former Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He said he is going to officially make the announcement tomorrow, Saturday, during the Army/Navy game. 


In addition to the new election of Attorney General coming, President Trump has chosen a new United States Ambassador for the United Nations. He has chosen Heather Nauert & Speaker of the House Paul Ryan approves!


Some of the more juicy rumors coming out of the White House though is that Chief of Staff General John Kelly might be saying goodbye by the end of this year. He was not at work today. Multiple news sources are reporting that he is resigning and that the relationship between the President and him has been strained since the time it was rumored Gen. Kelly called Trump an "idiot" behind his back (although he denied that). We had the one news source ,The Daily Caller, who claims this is NOT true, that General Kelly has planned to have today off for quite some time. The Daily Caller has a very credible source tied to the White House. We had the Daily Caller's and POTUS Trump's favorite reporter/journalist, Saagar Enjeti on the program today to discuss all the hottest news coming out of the White House today! Is Gen. Kelly really not out as you're claiming? What do you think of the new Attorney General and Trump's announcement? Are you surprised? 

He was great to have on "VB in the Middle". Take a listen:


-Producer Lightning


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