Man writes break up letter to his gym

We've all been there right? Trying to get out of a gym membership is like trying to get out of jail free. They need proof of new residency, you need to show up in person because God forbid you call over the phone. They want you to pay for the next 2 months you're not even living in the area and a million other ridiculous tasks you must complete for them to let you free! I went through a similar experience. When I moved to NH I was so dreading telling my gym I had to cancel my membership. I was expecting them to interrogate me...luckily I worked out going in the middle of the day to a different location I don't frequent so they didn't recognize me to question it. Plus saying I'm out of state now, there really was no way for them to convince me to stay since it was a community athletic club and not some big chain. 

With that being said, this one man gets it. He really didn't have a totally inescapable reason for leaving that the gym wouldn't challenge him on like moving out of state like me though but he didn't care. He was just fed up with the gym and ultimately outgrew it. It wasn't working for him anymore and he wanted to take his workout routine elsewhere. Because the gym would not allow him to cancel over the phone, he decided he was going to take it into his own hand and give them the written proof they wanted in the form of a letter. Here it is: 

Breakup Letter to Gym

You can't help but LOVE this guy's sense of humor and follow through! Very original. I wish I did this when I cut ties with my previous gym...

-Producer Lightning


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