Day 1 of Boston's Plastic Bag Ban

Say bye-bye to plastic bags in Boston grocery stores because today marks the first day of Boston's plastic bag ban. The mayor and the city counsel signed off on this ban about one year ago and clearly thought it was a good idea. Why? When those plastic bags seem to be oh so useful. Most of us save those plastic bags and use them over and over again for various things. I for instance use them as an extra bag to carry my snacks or lunch in to work everyday. In addition, I like other dog owners, even use those plastic bags as doggie poop bags to pick up waste in my yard or on walks. In other words, these bags have multiple uses so why do away with them? Boston Mayer Marty Walsh said: "The plastic bag ban is an opportunity to be good environmental stewards and responsible neighbors.  Furthermore, the policy is a big step forward in our work to cut carbon emissions, reduce pollution, and create a cleaner, greener city.” Hmmm...really? Okay so what about plastic trash bags then? They carry all our waste that we throw out and the city disposes of! What do we do then? How about those plastic rings that drink companies use to package bottles? Now those are even worse then the plastic bags and yet we aren't banning those are we? 

This ban on plastic bags is not just affecting the grocery stores, it's also affecting the restaurant business as well as retail stores where establishments are only allowed to use paper bags, compostable bags, or reusable bags for their transactions. Apparently there are a couple the plastic coverings for dry cleaning is okay, produce plastic bags at grocery stores, plastic for packaged meats, and the plastic that newspapers come in. Now that's frankly weird...why do we need the newspaper plastic bags? Okay the dry cleaning is saved, nice but the the newspaper plastic? Really? That's not necessary. If our paper gets a little wet, put it in the mailbox or elsewhere. 

City Councilor Matt O"Malley said:  “For a small change, this policy will deliver a great impact. We will begin to see our neighborhoods’ streets, trees and gutters cleaner than ever before. I am thrilled to see the progress made in the year preparing for the implementation.”

If you're heading out to go grocery shopping in Boston today in stores like Stop & Shop, except to pay 5 cents per paper bag you need to use. However, they did say proceeds from this will be donated back into the community. The city’s plastic bag ban will immediately affect businesses with more than 20,000 square feet; by April 1, establishments with 10,000 square feet or more would have to follow the ordinance; and by July 1, all businesses need to comply.

How do you feel about this plastic bag ban? People like Michael Graham are outraged! His feeling seems to be the general feeling from most of you. We talk to him and many of you about your outrage over the plastic bag ban in Boston! Take a listen:

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