Facebook is in trouble again...

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are in hot water again...or maybe they really never got out of the water. This past year Zuckerberg and Facebook has been under fire for a variety of issues, not the least of which was the Cambridge Analytica scandal where the long and the short of it was that the data based company received information from Facebook about it's users and acquired it in a possibly illegal way. They used a third party app that basically tricked people into giving away their personal info to this data based company that then turned around and used that data to target individuals in campaign ads during the 2016 election cycle. 

What we are now finding out is that in addition to that, Facebook has been making exceptions for companies to gain access to your personal info and bypass certain privacy policies that are set in place. Companies like Netflix, Spotify, and Microsoft are among the companies listed for having access to this type of info. One of the more scary facts was that these companies reported being able to read, write, and delete your private messages. You know, the ones you thought were a personal/private DMs? YUP. The question remains "Can we even trust Facebook anymore?" Maybe a better one is, "Could we ever?".

The New York Times released an investigative piece revealing this info and Netflix followed up with a statement:


This doesn't help Zuckerberg in any way. This year has been disastrous for him financially as a result of the bad press and crisis' on his hands. He started out the year with $75 billion and is finishing it off with $56 billion (as of right now), which is a $19 billion dollar drop. 

We ask you, do you use Facebook and if so, does this change the way you will use it moving forward? We discuss:


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