Lightning's Top 10 Christmas Songs

It's Christmas time and that means Christmas tunes are being blasted in every store, on most major radio stations, and pretty much everywhere your listening ears can hear. VB has his favorite classic Christmas tunes and movies from before I was even born and then I have mine. His favorite Christmas movie? "A Christmas Story" about a snooze fest...favorite song? Frank Sinatra's "Jingle Bells". Now that is a classic, I will admit and I agree with Sinatra because you can't go wrong with Sinatra. 

With that being said I comprised my top 10 favorite Christmas songs. Mind you I'm a millennial whose parents are baby boomers. There are some that are modern takes on classics, some that are unique original songs, and some old school originals. Without further ado, here is in my opinion the Top 10 Best Christmas songs starting from 10 and counting down to the number one best:

iHeart Christmas party

iHeart Christmas party

Lightning's Top 10 Christmas Songs:

10) "I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas"

This song is fun & quirky and totally random! It's a bit outrageous asking for a Hippo for Christmas and I love the uniqueness of this song. There is absolutely no other song that sounds like this one. Tell me I'm wrong...because you know it's true. Yes, this song gets stuck in your head and that might annoy some. God knows it annoys my fiance when I trot around the house singing it to the point of him retiring to his man cave...(maybe that was my plan all along...mwah ha ha). I personally like the rendition done by country artist Kacey Musgraves. The original was done by Gayla Peevey. Both are fun though!

9) "Mary, Did You Know?"

This song gives me the chills. Plain and simple. I think it's a beautiful song. I have a Catholic/Christian background and Jesus is my guy so this song gives me my spiritual fill. Multiple artists have done renditions of it. It was written by Mark Lowry and first sung by Michael English. I personally love Pentatonix's take on the song. They are incredible and every time I hear their version it gives me chills. They are one of the top Christmas performers. Check this out:

8) "All I Want For Christmas Is You"

Need I say more? This Mariah Carey Christmas classic has dominated at Christmas time since the year it came out in 1994. Women love this song and while men won't necessarily admit it, they love it too because it's so darn catchy and upbeat! I feel that if I didn't include this song on the list, it wouldn't really be a fair representation of Christmas songs. With over 500 million views on YouTube, here is the beloved Christmas song:

7) "Mele Kalikimaka"

This song is just fun and different. If you couldn't tell by now, I like some unique songs that don't sound like generic Christmasy songs. While I like my classics (more to come), I like the unique ones. Two reasons why I love this song. One, it reminds me of my father because growing up he'd tell stories of when he used to live in Hawaii for 2 years before he met my mother. He'd go around the house mimicking this song just to annoy me (I have a suspicion it's his favorite Christmas song) and as I've gotten older, it grew on me and makes me think of him. Then two, I'm a beach, warm weather person and for a song to make me imagine being in someplace warm with sunshine while in reality I'm in the freezing cold of New England, it gives me a sliver of satisfaction to dream about and that I like. Yes, Bing Crosby sang this song to great popularity and while I love the original, I want to share another version with you as well, which is again by country artist Kacey Musgraves. She came out with a great Christmas album a couple years ago and she's a great singer. Enjoy!

6) "Joy To The World"-Whitney Houston

Whewww man, this song makes me want to jump up and sing a joyful noise! Can I get an AMEN?! When listening to this song and Whitney belting out the lyrics, how can you not get pumped up? I mean really...just take a listen to it!

5) "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy"-The Nutcracker

Ah, The Nutcracker. A classic. As a dancer and being one for over 25 years, I just LOVE the Nutcracker. It's a great ballet and a magical Christmas story. The idea of toys coming to life is just whimsical and fun. You can't go wrong seeing the Nutcracker during the holiday season. With that being said, Pentatonix, an acapella group did a fantastic rendition of this Nutcracker classic song. It's amazing! Any version of the song is great but this version is a real treat.

4) "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch"

There is something entertaining about listening to a song that rips someone for being such a "grinch". It's humorous. The original done in 1966 by Thuri Ravenscroft is incredible. That voice, it's irreplaceable. There really is nothing like watching the Grinch at Christmas. I will provide another version of "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" as well as the original just because while it cannot replace the original, it's still a great version.

3) "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays"- NSYNC

What better way than to have NSYNC singing to you during the holidays. There really is quite nothing better. NYSNC is my favorite boy band and they really were ahead of the curve on this one. What I mean by that is that in the song, just like the title, they sing "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays". How inclusive of them! We're in a time now when everyone seems to be so PC and "oh you can't say Merry Christmas, you have to say Happy Holidays", so look at NSYNC getting ahead of the game. There is just something about NSYNC that makes you feel good! I remember getting this physical CD when I was younger and man did I wear this Christmas album out! It holds a special place in my heart. 

2) "Merry Christmas, Kiss My A**"-All Time Low

This song rocks & kicks a**! This is my favorite band, and I love a good angst song here and there. It's real life, it's rock and roll and it's great! It gets you amped. This is an original song and what's missing in the Christmas song cannon is more original songs rolling out. There needs to be more originals like this! Just take a listen to this and tell me it doesn't kick a**!

1) Run Run Rudolph

What a classic! It's not Christmas time until you hear this one. Chuck Berry is the master when it comes to this song but I have to say, country artist Luke Bryan does a mean cover of it too. Then you have Bryan Adams too. Really, they're all good! This song gets me so jazzed up for Christmas that I feel like after listening to this, I'm ready to take on anything in preparation for Christmas! 

Those are Christmas gold right there! I could listen to these 10 songs straight for the entire month of December, which is basically what I do anyway...That's in my opinion the top 10 best Christmas songs and my favorite. That's not to say I don't love other Christmas songs. As runners up I like "Let it Snow, Let it Snow", "Blue Christmas", and "I'll Be Home For Christmas"

With that being said, those are my recommendations. Have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas everyone! Enjoy!

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