Elizabeth Warren; One step closer to a 2020 run

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, has now dropped another clue or sign that she is planning to run for 2020. A couple months ago she made a statement during a town hall meeting that once the November midterms elections were over she'd "take a hard look at running for president". Well the elections are over, the holidays are coming to a close and the new year is approaching and now Warren has released a video this morning declaring her move to create an exploratory committee for a president campaign run. Essentially what that means is she's creating the first committee towards running for president and within that committee she'll be raising money for campaign expenses as well as filling essential positions within that committee that are meant for running her presidential campaign. 

Here is Warren's latest video:


We all knew Warren was going to run. We're not sure why she had to deny it for so long...so this is really nothing new. It's just now "official".

-Producer Lightning


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