Does Warren even really drink beer?

Elizabeth Warren is rolling out the videos this past week or so. First it was the video we posted earlier in the week about her establishing a exploratory presidential campaign committee, in other words the first step towards running for president. With that, it was really no surprise, even though she's been denying the notion that she would ever run for president, we all knew she was bluffing and trying to get through the midterms. Now, she's full steam ahead gearing up for an presidential run and is trying to stay relevant with appealing to the "youngsters" and pops a beer in her latest video that is about...wait what's it even about? We couldn't get past the first 4 minutes because of how cringe-worthy and painful it was to watch. Oh yeah, running for president...all we took away from the video was her lame attempt at trying to prove to all her "viewers" that she's really an animal lover and a beer drinker....

Do you really believe that 1) She's a big animal lover. That seems like a forced pat on Bailey the dog's head & 2) Do you believe she's a beer drinker? Because who announces they are going to "get me a beer"? You just do it...are we being too critical and are the only ones who think this video is borderline unbearable? Or do you agree?

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