"Pho Keene Great" Restaurant-City disapproves

Out of Keene, NH, a new local Vietnamese restaurant that is scheduled to open is having an awful time trying to get their sign up because the local city officials say their sign is "inappropriate". Why would their sign be inappropriate? Oh, because of the name of the restaurant..."Pho Keene Great". Say that one out loud and you'll get an idea of why the local officials think it's inappropriate. While it sounds a lot like a swear, that's the food they serve and where they are located! It's the culture and while it's a funny pun, it's not false advertising. They serve pho and are located in Keene, NH! Now what is pho for those who are unfamiliar? It's a Vietnamese soup that can come in multiple varieties and flavors.

"Pho Keene Great" has signed a lease for a space right next to City Hall on Main Street. According to the city manager, Elizabeth Dragon (isn't that an ironic last name for the issue we're talking about but let that go), she claims that the owner Isabelle Jolie and her colleagues knew the name was inappropriate and said: "They were informed the name would be problematic”. Dragon says that as part of her lease agreement, the establishment is required to get the city's permission before putting up a sign of any kind and "Pho Keene Great" did not abide by this. They put a small sign in the window, which the city has strongly disapproved of.


While "Pho Keene Great" does not have their brick and mortar store open, they have a very active Facebook page and asked it's members if they thought the name of their restaurant was inappropriate. They polled the group:


Even though they are battling with the city officials over the placement/display of the sign, the restaurant is still scheduled to open on March 1, 2019. In addition, "Pho Keene Great" is not backing down from this fight with the city. They've even begun selling T-shirts and are NOT changing the name of their restaurant!


To check out the upcoming menu for "Pho Keene Great" here are some photos of their dishes:


Do you think their name is inappropriate? So much so that you'd be offended if you saw it while going to City Hall? 


During VB in the Middle, we ask you what's the wildest restaurant or store name you've seen; one that you can't believe exists?


-Producer Lightning


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