When you go bananas because your team loses...

Have you ever lost your cool because your sports team lost a big game? Have you flipped out because you lost a bet on a sports game? These guys have...let's start with "Cody Parkey Guy". He's physically still at the stadium walking out of it and recording a video of him ripping the team's kicker. We can't help but laugh...we understand if this was our team we wouldn't be laughing so we're happy it's not us! If you want a good laugh, take a look at this video. I will warn you there is profanity in it so if that offends you or you have small children, you're not going to want to play this...

Whewwww that guy is fired up! I wonder what he really thinks about Cody Parkey? Man that's a lot of aggression. Have you ever been this fired up about your sports team losing? What if you had money on the game like this next guy? Now that's a little more understandable right? You're invested in the game, not just mentally but financially so it affects you. 

Check this video out of gambling gone wrong. Again, I warn that there is profanity so be warned:

I wonder how much that guy had on the game? He was so sure he was in the clear and would win. To see the realization start to hit him is priceless! 

After watching these two videos, we ask which one is funnier?

Have you done sports betting? If so how much have you ever lost and did you react the same way? We discuss:

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