POTUS Trump vs. Chuck & Nancy

Last night President Trump gave his first prime-time national address to the nation. He spent a total of 10 minutes speaking, which was ideal. Any time longer than that would be too much and even at that some thought it was too long. If you missed his address, here it is:

He had some good moments. Overall I grade the speech at a B. How do you grade it? I liked how he made the comparison that "more people will die of drugs this year in the U.S. than died in the Vietnam War." That really paints the picture of how problematic our drug epidemic is. He did excellent with that comment. He couldn't go wrong either with calling the state of our country "a humanitarian crisis of the heart and of the soul". POTUS Trump had some good choice of words. 

As for Doom & Gloom, I mean Chuck Schumer & Nancy Pelosi, they looked like they just stepped off the set of "Bird Box". Could they look any more uncomfortable? Seriously look at them and their rebuttal:

At least Nancy was somewhat diplomatic in her speech. Schumer was all out on the attack. After a couple minutes of looking like the grim reaper, he starts in on President Trump. Did anyone really believe him when he said make no mistake both democrats and republicans want border security? Then in the same breath said the wall was unnecessary.  He almost lost me the second he appeared on camera with that glare...then he absolutely lost me when he mentioned President Trump having a "temper tantrum". There's no need for that Schumer...

What do you think about all that happened last night in American politics? How would you grade each side? I give the Dems a D on that response. I think Trump came out as last night's winner. Do you agree?

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