That Time KellyAnne Conway Stuck It To Jim Acosta

Man, if you didn't see KellyAnne Conway stick it to Jim Acosta yesterday in front of the press, you're missing out! Fear not though, we have the exchange for you here:

I got so much joy in that 1 minute of KellyAnne putting Acosta down! Someone had to do it and it's been way overdue. Yes, President Trump shut him down previously, of course Sarah Huckabee Sanders has had her back and forth with him numerous times, and he's gotten temporarily banned from the White House press briefings, but there's just something even more satisfying seeing KellyAnne straight up call him a "smart ass". It was all in the delivery too. She was no non-sense and you dare not cross her in the moment! You know when she walks towards you and points at out! Ah, I love the "am I allowed to mention God to you?" comment. Get em' KellyAnne! 

Pure gold right here and I loved every second of it.

-Producer Lightning

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