Did POTUS Trump throw a "temper tantrum"?

Did he or didn't President Trump throw a "temper tantrum" in a closed door meeting with the Democrats? That has become the big debate now. Can you believe we're talking about whether the President of the United States pounded his fist on the table in a meeting with the Dems and stormed out of the room when he didn't get what he wanted? That's the narrative the Democrats are driving. They're painting the picture of our President as acting like a 2 year old behind closed doors to distract from the fact that they don't want to contribute to border security in our country when our citizens and officers are getting killed. Schumer literally exited the White House after their meeting and said this:


President Trump is on his way to the border today and in between traveling from the White House to Air Force One, he talked to the press about yesterday's meeting with the Dems. He calls them liars and thinks we should give them Pinocchios for their "fake news". He tells his side of the story: 


The take away from the Democrats is that they think Trump is acting immature and close minded. While Trump is claiming he acted very calmly but will not beat around the bush and have them waste his time.

What is your take away from Trump vs. The Democrats? Did he throw a so called "temper tantrum" as Chuck and Nancy are claiming? Maybe it's time we start having cameras rolling during all meetings so we know who is really telling the truth because right now all we have is their words.

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