Lady Gaga removes song with R.Kelly off platforms

Back in 2013, Lady Gaga had a smash hit song with R. Kelly called "Do What U Want (With My Body)". The song seems highly inappropriate now in light of the latest documentary on R.Kelly that is generating a lot of buzz, where it shines a light on all the sexual abuse he has committed against young women. For those who have never heard the song, here it is to give you a good idea:

After the recent release of this documentary series on Lifetime called "Surviving R.Kelly", Lady Gaga has made the decision to pull the song off of all streaming platforms to show support for the young victims. She put out an official statement on her socials addressing the song and her choice to pull it:

While Lady Gaga comes across as eccentric, sexual at times, and very theatrical, she is a big supporter of women, LGBTQ, and mental health awareness. She looks at her body and fashion as art and thus showcases it for that purpose of expression, not to welcome unwanted abuse or attention. With that being said, I personally am a huge fan of Lady Gaga. I even liked that song, "Do What U Want", even though I recognized at the time that is was a sexual song that some might feel offended by. I understand why Gaga is choosing to remove this song from streaming platforms. One, to protect herself and her brand, and two I do generally feel she is in support of these women. However take away from the song that R.Kelly is in it, the song shouldn't be banned. Yes, it's a sexual, intimate song but one that doesn't need to be removed from culture entirely. It could be a song between two lovers who gave consent and are now being flirty. Maybe that's wishful thinking on my part but I don't think view it as a non consensual song because she's saying "do what you want with my body". It doesn't have to be some sort of date rape situation like some might interpret. That's my main takeaway. Smart move by Gaga to show unity with these women but don't boycott the song entirely.

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