"Tirdy Works": Bringing Poop Made Products To You

"Tirdy Works" is a shop that specializes in moose poop and deer poop made products. Mary Wichenbach, the owner and founder of "Tirdy Works", a Maine based company, has had so much success making and selling these "tirds" that she left her job working at a seaweed plant, Ocean Organics, to keep up with the demand for these products. What types of products does she sell? She sells a variety of products like "poo poo clocks", "fecal people", moose tird earrings, "deerings", "poopsicles", and a lot more! 


When asked why and how she first got started with this endeavor she responded saying this: “I had way too much time on my hands and one day when I was in the woods, I found a pile of turds and jokingly thought, ‘How funny would it be to put eyeballs on it and call it a (expletive) head?’ So I did.”

You might be wondering why anyone would want a poop made product but Mary's products are purchased from all over the world! For one, a store in Alaska sells her products at their local store. In addition, she's had numerous international sells from countries such as Russia, Greece, and Denmark. Right now, Mary and "Tirdy Works" are swamped with orders and are actually backed up for a couple weeks from the demand for her products. "Tirdy Works" has their own website but also does a lot of business pushing their products through Facebook and Etsy. The cost of one product from "Tirdy Works" can range anywhere from $6 for a keychain to $45 for a "poo poo clock". 

Mary and her "Tirdy Works" company has gotten so much attention that even Hollywood got a hold of her and the Tosh.O show on Comedy Central asked her to be on their program, in which she agreed and will be featured on an upcoming episode set to air sometime within the coming months.


We here on "VB in the Middle" are THRILLED we got a hold of Mary of "Tirdy Works" and had the privilege of talking to her today on our program! She was full of energy, humor, spunk, and was an overall fantastic guest. When we asked her what her most popular items were she said either the "fecal people" or the "poo poo clocks". In case you were wondering, "fecal people" are figurines made entirely out of moose or deer poop! You can't make this stuff up! 


Mary Wichenbach really was a hoot! If you want a "poo poo clock" or even a "poo poo  platter", you can get your hands on your very own one, HERE on their website!

-Producer Lightning


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