POTUS Trump entertains Clemson team with fast food

President Trump hosted the champion Clemson football team at the White House and chose a special meal for them. With the government shutdown, there is no regular white house kitchen staff working so President Trump had to think outside the box. Instead of having the First Lady and Second Lady "making salads", he decided to bring in fast food catered by McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, and Dominos. 

Clemson Football Team at the White House

Some are criticizing the president for bringing in fast food while others think it was a fantastic idea. The team looked pretty happy to us. As President Trump said, he thought the fast food is what the team would prefer, rather than him hiring someone to make a fancy meal. The President paid for this meal himself out his own pocket.


Of course with anything President Trump does, people need to troll him. The first tweet he put out, he typed it so fast he accidentally misspelled hamburger wrong and Twitter flipped out because they have nothing else better to do. President Trump first put out this tweet:


President Trump did delete his misspelled tweet and later re-posted it with this:


Other than Twitter individual trolls, surprisingly Burger King decided to clap back at President Trump on twitter and his misspelling even though he basically gave them free advertising! They poked fun at his misspelling of "hamberders" with a tweet they put out this morning:


That was asinine of BK. There was no need for that but let that go... This is not as big of a deal as Twitter is making it out to be. He is human, we all get hit by grammar mistakes and just because he's president, doesn't mean he is immune. Twitter and the internet trolls just need something to complain about and this grammar mistake by Trump is red meat to them. The internet trolls are like bloodhounds constantly sniffing out mistakes made by Trump. Give the guy a break! In addition, the media is now "fact checking" the actual amount of hamburgers that were served because at one point Mr. President said 300 and then above tweeted 1000 so that has them flipping too. Ugh, give it a rest!

Overall the Clemson football team seemed to be more than content that they were at the White House celebrating their national win with none other than the President of the United States while dining on fast food. To them and really most (other than the liberal haters), it doesn't get much better than this!

Clemson football team dining at White House

We ask you if you were in attendance at the White House when President Trump ordered fast food to be brought in for you, what's the first thing you're going for? The McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, or Dominos? VB is going straight for the Wendy's to find out if they have baconators. Me? BK all the way, despite the fact that they decided to poke fun of Trump on Twitter this morning... What are you hitting up first?


-Producer Lightning


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