Are restaurants pulling a fast one on you?

A video has come out from a customer at an Applebees, showing that their beer glasses labeled as a 16oz and a 20 oz, equate to being the same size when the larger is poured into the smaller glass. The customer was shocked and a little outraged over the fact that the larger beer is more money for what essentially equaled the same amount as the smaller, less expensive beer size. 

This is the video that has been circulating...take a look for yourself and you be the judge!


This video was taken this year 2019, at a California Applebees. The prices of the 16oz and the 20oz glasses vary during promotional events but apparently the 16oz can run anywhere from $2 to $3.75. The 20oz can range anywhere from $4.50 to $8 per glass.

Applebees has since responded on social media to this video after numerous tweets were directed at them, ripping them:


So apparently their explanation for this is the foam. Hmmm...really? I get it but it still smells to me. Maybe get a bigger glass if you want to include the foam. This discovery raises other questions about what other restaurants are pulling a fast one on us and how? Is Applebees just one of the many restaurants doing this?


-Producer Lightning


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