Harry Potter is anti-Patriots & Tom Brady

Daniel Radcliffe, the British actor who played the famous Harry Potter character in every Harry Potter movie ever made by Warner Bros Productions, has stated that he wants the LA Rams to win in the Super Bowl against Tom Brady and the Patriots because he's sick of them winning. He claims everyone is rooting against the Patriots...when talking of people outside of New England, he might be right...but his comments about Brady & his MAGA hat in his locker? Leave Tom Brady alone! 


This was tough to see for me as a Harry Potter fan and New England Patriots fan. Who would have thought the two would clash like this? Now I like to separate the actor Daniel Radcliffe from the character Harry Potter so while Radcliffe is the face of Harry Potter, I don't associate the character as hating on Tom Brady and my Pats! Radcliffe is entitled to this opinion and I disagree! Also so is Potter and in the world of Harry Potter, Tom Brady is like Dumbledore, the GOAT so...Harry Potter would love Brady so Radcliffe's statements are contradictory of that of the character he famously plays...so there! The Rams are the death eaters and I think Harry will realize that once they take those football helmets off!

-Producer Lightning


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