Female passenger flips out & calls other passengers "two pigs"

A rude female passenger boarding a flight from Las Vegas, Nevada to Newark, New Jersey, was very upset that she had a seat "squished" between two larger passengers. She was not shy about her dissatisfaction and took to complaining to someone on her cellphone about how she couldn't move and didn't know how she was going to get through it for 4 hours. The two larger passengers that this blonde haired woman was insulting is Norma Rodgers, a nurse from New Jersey and her partner McKinley Frink. Rodgers did end up videoing this unnamed blonde haired passenger and her ignorant comments as she's sitting right next to her!


This unnamed blonde haired woman did end up getting kicked off the United Airlines flight for her rude comments that upset not only Rodgers and Frink but other passengers as well who found her exceptionally rude. What would you do if you were in this situation? I personally think there is no excuse to act as rudely as this unnamed blonde woman. If you're uncomfortable, fine, ask to be moved but don't cause a ignorant scene in the process. It's okay to feel squished and want to move but don't fat shame the people in the process.


-Producer Lightning


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