Students sent home for having Pats buzz cuts

Three kids at Lawrence Catholic Academy in Lawrence, Massachusetts were sent home for having Patriots buzz cut hairstyles. The school has a strict hair policy that says: "Boys’ hair length is not to touch the shirt collar and must be above the eyebrows and ears. Any hairstyle (girls or boys) in which there is a noticeable difference in hair length or color is not permitted. Falling into this category would be any novelty haircut or style such as the 'man-bun,' colored hair tips, etc."

The mother Iliana Rivera, of the three children, Daniel 8, David 10, and Daniela 13, questioned what the harm was with these haircuts seeing as how Friday (today) is crazy hair day at school, and the Patriots are playing in the biggest football game of the year this Sunday, the Super Bowl. As a result of the kids being sent home Thursday, the 10 year old was especially disappointed because he had to miss out on representing his school in the local spelling bee that was to take place in Haverhill that day. Rivera, the mother, said that her child was willing to go bald to participate in the spelling bee if it came down to that. Luckily for David, the spelling bee was postponed till March due to the extreme cold.


Rivera received an email later in the day after her kids got sent home, saying that the children will be allowed back to school with the Patriots logo on their heads, however the colors must be washed out.

What do you make of this story? I personally think that when you send your children to a Catholic school, you know what you're in for. They have strict rules and you're going to take a gamble with things like this. If it was a public school these kids attended, then it would not be a problem but since it's a private Catholic school, the school can do whatever it wants and you signed up for it!

Do I think it's ridiculous the kids got sent home for the haircuts? Kind of. I don't think wild, colorful hair is offensive or inappropriate. I personally used to have pink hair! I also used to go to a Catholic school and I left Catholic school because of their strict laws that were just not working for me. I didn't dye my hair pink when I was at Catholic school but there were plenty of other rules they had in place that I thought was too extreme for me. Overall, the school can't be held accountable because it's what this family signed up for, literally. They are in the right for sending the kids home. Catholic school is not for everyone.

-Producer Lightning


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