Model bitten by pig in photo shoot gone wrong

Michelle Lewin, a fitness and Instragram model decided to visit the Bahamas and more specifically, Pig Island. She partook in a bikini photo shoot, flaunting her body and thought it would be a great photo shoot where she got to cuddle up to the "cute pigs" on Pig Island. Little did she know, the bikini shoot would get cheeky in a way she was not expecting! The pigs started getting combative and chasing her around the beach. One in particular jumped up on her and took a bite out of her left butt cheek! These pigs were not cute teacup piglets, they were fairly large looking wild hogs! Take a look at what ensued!


I don't know about you, but I think this is hilarious! I'm sure Lewin did not find it funny. She probably will be sore every time she sits down for at least a good week. That will be a fun plane ride home...

-Producer Lightning


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