Lightning is ecstatic about her new headset office phone!

One thing we've learned about Lightning is that she is easily amused. She's also that 8 year old and 80 year old wrapped into one person. There is no in between. With that being said Lightning has been having issues with her desk phone at work. The receiver was not working and you could not hear a dial tone. The speaker phone was the only way you could operate the phone. Every time the phone would ring, she would still pick up the receiver trying to answer and got reminded every time that she was talking to no one through the receiver and was forced to press speaker and share her conversations with the whole office. She finally requested assistance with the phone & the engineers got her an entirely new phone.

The day came when they hooked up a new phone to Lightning's desk & watch what transpired:


An eight year old on Christmas morning right? Who knew someone could get so excited about a headset...


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