Oh the places you'll go...for ranch dressing!

Hanna Kinney is just like you and I. She has her favorite food staples and nothing, not even Kirsten Gillibrand's campaign event will get in between her and her ranch dressing! We feel for you Hanna!

This week and every week, Hanna and her Bible Study group get together at Airliner restaurant in Iowa City, Iowa to eat and partake in their Bible study. They always order pizza and with it, they order ranch dressing. It's a very mid-westerner thing. Hanna and her group will admit that more times than not, the restaurant forgets the beloved condiment and Hanna is usually the "ranch getter" amongst her friends. She was speaking to the Washington Post about this incident with Gillibrand as it's gotten national attention and said: “I kind of have been the designated person” to fetch the forgotten ranch. One, because some people are lazy, and two, I am dedicated to this ranch.” & dedicated to that ranch she is! Watch the moment she strategically cut behind Kirsten and her group to get to that ranch!


How far will you go to get your favorite condiment? Would you push through a crowd? Walk a 1000 miles? Some people are nuts about their condiments and have to have access to it at all times. For instance, singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran has his entourage carry an extra bottle of ketchup with them at all times because that's his condiment obsession. Another big one is Tabasco. I actually know a girl who loves it so much she has a tattoo of it!

Democratic Senator from New York and new candidate for President, Kirsten Gillibrand said she learned a couple news things from her campaign visit to Iowa:


We are so excited to have chatted with the "ranch girl" today on 'VB in the Middle'! Hanna Kinney, aka the "ranch girl" was live from Iowa today talking to us about her encounter with Kirsten Gillibrand and her drive to get some ranch!


-Producer Lightning


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