Lucky Charms beer! It's not a myth, it's real & you can get it!

Lucky Charms beer is a REAL beer that you can get your hands on without having to catch a leprechaun first! Guys, I already know what I want for March's 'Lightning In A Bottle' but it's a beer from Virginia & I don't know how I'm going to get my hands on it!

Made by Smartmouth Brewing Company in Virginia, this beer is made with marshmallows. You heard right, MADE WITH MARSHMALLOWS! It's called "Saturday Morning". I need to get my hands on this beer! It's an IPA with a alcohol volume of 6.6%. The beer is made in house with bits of dehydrated marshmallows as well as toasted marshmallows. The brewery describes the beer as follows: "The nose is sweet and citrus, with orange and pear aromas. It has a soft pillowy body with a slight cereal taste. The result is magically ridiculous!"


"Saturday Morning" is a VERY LIMITED edition beer that is being released this Saturday, March 2nd at Smartmouth's Brewery in Norfolk, VA. It is only being distributed throughout Virginia and they unfortunately DO NOT ship to other states. With that being said any listeners in Virginia, help your girl out over here! This beer sounds and looks MAGICAL! It would be the perfect March choice for 'Lighting In A Bottle'. Who doesn't love Lucky Charms and sitting on your couch with a bowl of that cereal to watch Saturday Morning cartoons? Does that sound like me or does that sound like me? That's why I need to try this beer! A road trip might be in the works...

-Producer Lightning


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