Could you survive on Taco Bell sauce packets for 5 days? This guy did!

An Oregon man, Jeremy Taylor got stuck in the snow after off-roading with his dog. He got stranded in his car for about 5 days and survived on Taco Bell sauce packets and periodically turning his car on and off for warm. Taylor is an outdoorsman and did try to hike out but apparently the snow was too deep. Luckily a snowmobiler found Taylor and Ally (his dog) and brought them to safety. Both dog and 36 year old Taylor were in good health, with the exception that they were naturally very hungry!

Taylor took to social media and did kid around a bit saying "Taco Bell fire sauce saves lives!"


Have you ever had to ration food and eat something obscene and not normal to survive; like say taco bell fire sauce? I luckily never have had to resort to sauce packets to survive but hey, you never know...people wonder why I keep my taco bell sauce packets! This is part of the reason...that and taco bell sauce is good! Now I'm a mild girl, not a spicy fire sauce girl but I digress.

We ask you, if you ever had to choose a condiment to survive on, what would it be?


-Producer Lightning


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