Warren says in the past she "sometimes identified as Native American"

Elizabeth Warren sat down for an interview with David Axelrod of CNN over the weekend and confronted her regarding her claims to being a Native American on documents like her Texas Bar Registration Card. He pushed her on why she checked those boxes. It was during that interview that she admitted for the first time that while she's never been shy about her family's heritage being that of Native American, she used to "sometimes identify as Native American". Does that mean that she would walk around claiming that was her sole race? She answered in typical Warren fashion saying "she learned about her heritage like most people do, from their parents"...then dropped that subtle bomb.


What is the takeaway from this snippet from Warren? Are we looking way too into this or is this something? Twitter seems to think it's something that proves Warren genuinely thinks she is Native American and is only backtracking because it's becoming an unpopular view so she's back-pedaling. Her statements confirm that she believes that is her "race" and that's why she said she "used" to identify as that as to not 1) anger or offend those on the left and 2) to not further harm her chances in the presidential run towards the White House.

-Producer Lightning


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