Brookline says hello to electric scooters

The town of Brookline, MA is saying hello to electric scooters this spring as part of a 6 month pilot program. Starting on April 1st, the town will be the first in the state to allow scooters. The scooters are being put in the same category as bikes. The governor, Charlie Baker, filed a bill back in January to actually exempt scooters from the law that requires signal and brakes lights. This pilot program is a way for the town's Board of Transportation to figure out ways for it's citizens to get around safely and sustainability. It will also determine whether this program will become a permanent fixture for the town and expand into Boston. The town will be partnering with Lime and Bird, two electric scooter companies.


A representative from Lime, Scott Mullen, commented on the upcoming pilot program: "Shared dock-free scooters will make transportation reliable, affordable, and green for Brookline residents. This pilot will go a long way to solving the region's growing transit needs."

Both Lime and Bird will be contributing 100 scooters each.

Do you agree with Brookline and Mullen that this program is better for the town or do you think it will add more problems like increased injuries and slower traffic?

-Producer Lightning


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