Lightning's new favorite "old" commercial with instrument playing seagulls!

It's National Potato Chip Day! The day has sparked a debate among the staff over who makes the best potato chips. Now this is limited to potato chips only, not tortilla or corn chips because that is a whole other category. Kuhner says Lay's makes the best chips hands down and debated me on the subject. I was adamant that Cape Cod Potato Chips makes far superior chips than Lay's does. My biggest gripe with Lay's is they are too salty, flimsy, and greasy. Cape Cod has a great crunch and less fat/grease. The Cape Cod can hold up with a dip, the Lay's cannot. This is my opinion, naturally NOT that of WRKO (I want to make that clear). With that being said, I found an old Cape Cod Potato Chip commercial that I think is the all that and a bag of chips! It's the most amusing thing I've seen in a while!


This commercial is GREAT! It makes me want Cape Cod chips even more. Tell me that's not the cutest thing? It's well thought out because Cape Cod is about the beach, what's at the beach, seagulls? Cute.

With that being said, Cape Cod Potato Chips is running away with our poll...who do you think makes the best potato chips?


-Producer Lightning


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