When you find a moose squatting in your house!

We've heard horror stories of families going away on vacation only to come home and discover someone squatting in their home but have you heard of animals squatting in your home? Large wild animals, the size of say a moose? One Colorado household came home and called police after suspecting a break in in their home. Little did they know, it was not the usual suspect...they found a moose had broken into their basement to take cover from the deep snow outside. That is right, a large moose was found inside this Colorado home just making itself right at home! The Colorado Parks & Wildlife had to intervene after police discovered the culprit was a bit larger than they expected...


Someone get Mary of Tirdy Works on the phone! I spot some fresh moose turds in this home that I'm guessing those homeowners would like to get rid of...and why should they go to waste when Mary can turn them into some perfectly good earrings or a "poo poo clock"!

In all seriousness, I'm sure that was quite the shock for this family. Good thing the Colorado Parks & Wildlife stepped in and this adult cow moose is safe and sound and in good hands.


-Producer Lightnin


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