Andrew Yang Confirms That He Does Not Eat Dirt On The Howie Carr Show

Entrepreneur and 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang speaks during a campaign stop at the train depot on February 1, 2019 in Jefferson, Iowa

Photo by JOSHUA LOTT/AFP/Getty Images

Democratic 2020 hopeful Andrew Yang has exploded onto the scene with a page straight out of Common Sense by Thomas Paine, Universal Basic Income. Mr.Yang came onto the Howie Carr Show to defend his so called "Freedom Dividend", as well as other points of his platform, on his way to campaign in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

In response to Howie's questioning about potential welfare frauds transitioning over to the new plan, Mr.Yang stated that his "Freedom Dividend" is an opt-in program, but if you opt-in, you cannot get other government benefits. However, one of the most important points of his proposed plan is that illegal aliens do not get the $1000 per month "Freedom Dividend", only citizens of the United States of America.

Andrew Yang has broken with the mainstream Democratic party by supporting nuclear power over the Green New Deal, and immigration, stating on the Howie Carr Show that: "right now our immigration policy makes very little sense" and "the only people that should be coming in are the people that are supposed to."

The moonbats unfortunately have gotten to Mr.Yang as he believes that "There is pretty damning evidence" on Trump-Russian collusion. When pressed by Howie, Yang did not elaborate beyond: "Beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are many Russian paid for bots on social media...The goal of a lot of the bots and misinformation was in a particular direction."

Mr.Yang did not lean so far left that he did not see the influence of Donald Trump tapping into America during the 2016 election."We have to solve the problems that got Donald Trump elected"

On Impeachemnt, Yang once again did not allow the crazy Dems to influence him saying that any effort to get Trump impeached should be diverted to other issues and "The path to getting Donald Trump out of the White House is beating him at the ballot box...We have to solve the problems that got Donald Trump elected"

Andrew Yang's poll numbers will only continue to rise as he separates himself from other candidates, by confirming that he does not eat dirt, unlike Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke.

Check out the full interview here at the Howie Carr Show website!


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