Does Savannah Guthrie think POTUS Trump owes Mueller an apology?

The Today Show's Savannah Guthrie had Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on the program this morning after the long awaited Mueller Report was finally released and found President Trump and his team to be innocent of any collusion. In short there was NO COLLUSION between the Trump campaign and Russia! Despite those facts, Guthrie asked a pretty gutsy question to Sanders regarding whether or not President Trump should apologize to Robert Mueller because for years he trashed Mueller. What did POTUS Trump call it, "a witch hunt"? Yes. Wouldn't you be offended too if you knew you did not collude with Russia and won an election fair and square and here was this guy heading that investigation and distracting the general public away from your time in office and what you're trying to accomplish for the country?


Based on the fact that Mueller was heading up the investigation into possible collusion, he unfairly became the face of the movement created by the Democrats to take President Trump down. Do you blame POTUS Trump for being upset? I don't. That's not to say I condone his exact words and phrases but I don't blame the guy for being upset. Being President is a big deal and people were purposely trying to ruin it for him and claimed he unfairly won an election. While things do need to be investigated, I absolutely agree with that, I do not agree that it deserved as much public attention and dragging through the mud as it did by the Democrats and main stream media. President Trump was unfairly treated on many fronts and to ask if HE should apologize is just ridiculous and Sanders' outrage was warranted.


It really is rich that the Mueller report was released and here are the Democrats and main stream media still targeting President Trump. Maybe they should be the ones apologizing for berating Donald J. Trump for the past two years and dragging him through the mud preaching to the country that he's this "big scary bad guy", not Mr. President apologizing...

In addition, the latest from Van Jones on the released Mueller report and him trying to excuse the "Snowflakes" in this country is just pathetic...


-Producer Lightning


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