Save the avocados!

The news of a large migrant caravan heading towards the U.S/Mexico border presents more than just an immigration crisis, it brings on a whole other crisis, and that is the potential for an avocado shortage here in United States! How you say? Well President Trump is threatening to shut down the U.S./Mexico border if this large caravan reaches us and in doing that it will temporarily stop trade and imports into this country. We receive the majority of our avocado produce from Mexico and only a small percentage from California. If the border is shut down and no avocados are brought it, we should run out in 3 weeks! In the words of AOC, this is "like our World War 3!"


I'm sad to say, this was NOT an April Fool's addition to avocados we also get a large number of fruit, vegetables, and alcohol from Mexico. May I point out that if and when this caravan reaches our border and POTUS Trump shuts the border down and our supply runs out in 3 weeks, guess where we fall on the calendar? Cinco de Mayo! What are we going to do without guacamole, limes, or tequila on the great holiday that is Cinco de Mayo?! We have a crisis on our hands...let me put my tinfoil hat on for a moment and ponder whether President Trump's plan to close the border and it affecting our avocados and tequila is a ploy to get the millennials attention to the "immigration crisis" going on and thus get us outraged over the situation and reason why our Cinco de Mayo may be ruined...just a thought!


I don't know about you but I'm upset over the whole situation! Can this migrant caravan turn around or seek refuge in another country so we can get our avocados and tequila for Cinco de Mayo? #firstworldproblems


-Producer Lightning


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