Is Biden finished after his latest statements?

Former Vice President, Joe Biden has been in the headlines this past week for inappropriate behavior in the past towards touching and hugging women. He put out an "apology video" addressing his misinterpreted intentions. He didn't even apologize so to call it an apology video is not totally accurate. What he did was turn into that person who said "I'm sorry you felt that way" but I stand by what I did and my intentions were not as you perceived them. That's all fine and dandy but Pelosi (for once) made a good point saying, "it's not what you think you did, it's how the other person perceived what you did".

With that being said, Biden made a public appearance at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers event in Scranton, PA. Prior to entering the stage, he apparently hugged the man who introduced him and one of his first statements was a joke about "hugging" after he has spent a week being scrutinized for his "inappropriate touching". Both CNN & Fox News were ripping Biden for his comment. You know you have a problem when both varying news networks take aim at you, even the liberal leaning CNN.


It didn't end there either...Biden later had some kids on stage, gave one a hug & proceeded to make more jokes saying the child gave him permission! Just stop Joe, just stop digging yourself deeper...


What I don't understand is how can you be from the Democratic party, who by nature is a huge supporter of the #MeToo Movement and 48 hours or so earlier you put out a video where you address that you "get it" and how social norms have changed and you'll be more mindful of that, and then you come out in your first public appearance and the first thing you do is make a joke about it? How does Biden or his team think that plays well for him and his party? Some might say "lighten up Francis", but for a Democrat to turn around and joke about the very thing their party has been preaching is just not a good look and that's the bottom line here.

-Producer Lightning


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