Do you include the tax when tipping at a restaurant?

A new informational tip from CNBC has surfaced on Twitter and spread around to millennials. It has sparked a debate among VB and Waffles here on the show. It pertains to how to tip while you're out dining at restaurants, in a way that saves you money in the long run; as much as $400 a year! The simple trick entails not including the tax that is tacked onto your bill. In other words, they are encouraging millennials and others to tip based on the pre-tax total, not the post-tax total. Most people just look at the total cost at the bottom of the bill and factor in a tip based off of that number. What CNBC is saying, is don't do that! You will save money if you deduct the tax from the bill and factor in the tip based off of that number. Do you have your tip include the tax or not? That is the question & debate.


Waffles, having a background where he worked in the service industry, thinks you're being a cheapo if you don't tip on the full bill and calls VB out for wanting to deduct the tax from the bill and then tip. While CNBC encourages this tip to save money in the long run, people in the service industry must not be too happy about this "tip" because they will be receiving less money overall. CNBC is directing this tip at millennials because they as a whole have not been following that guideline and they are not very happy about it...

What is your overall style of tipping?


-Producer Lightning


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