Gillette is getting ripped for tweeting a image featuring a plus size model

Gillette, the razor company, is getting a lot of push back for an image they promoted on their Twitter account, featuring a plus size model. The image was of Anna, this plus size model in a bikini on the beach. A Twitter battle has ensued over this image. Some Twitter users are outraged that Gillette would encourage this women who is in their view, in danger of a health risk for her overweight size. Others on the other side are defending this women, saying she can be whatever size she wants and if she's happy in her skin, that's her business not anyone else's to comment on!

Take a look at this image from Gillette & you tell us what you make of it...


Does this retweet inspire you, make you want to support Gillette and go out and buy their Venus razors? While this ad does not personally inspire me nor make me want to support Gillette more, I try to live by the guideline: "hey, if you're happy & comfortable in your own skin, you do you. I'm not the one to tell you to be something you're not or look a certain way." I may not agree with your lifestyle or the way you look but I don't need to nor should my opinion impact your life.

The response varies for men & women. I think this endorsement might make a lot of women feel comfortable & less self conscious about their body, which is not a bad thing. It's a smart move for Gillette to target women who are maybe a little shy or self conscious about their body. This model makes them feel better about themselves and thus will support Gillette for support of larger women. For some men, there is a stereotype that has long been pushed in magazines, movies, porn, you name it, that slender women are attractive so they've been taught to reject this imagery of a women that is overweight. Now of course that's not all men but I think there is a portion of them that do.

Society is more inclusive in 2019 and moving forward so I see why Gillette did this and as I mentioned, I think it's a financially smart move by them. There are more curvy, full bodied women in society than skinny slender, twigs so I think this will play well for them financially, haters be damned.

What do you think?


-Producer Lightning


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