NH student asked to remove her MAGA Trump shirt upon wearing it to school

A female high school student at Epping High School in New Hampshire was asked to change her shirt after wearing a MAGA Trump shirt on "American Pride Day" to school. Student Ciretta MacKenzie was called to the principle's office where the principal, Brian Ernest, told her that she was not in trouble, however she did need to "find a different shirt". The reason behind this? Ernest told MacKenzie that the shirt which advertised Trump's name is controversial because Trump as a president is controversial and thinks the shirt might make other students feel uncomfortable. In addition, the principal did not want to make "American Pride Day" political.

Really? Is this not breaking a thousands rules about "freedom of expression or speech" in this country going to a public school? It's one thing if this was a private school, but it's not and therefore they cannot enforce these types of "preferences". Whether people like it or not, Donald Trump is the President of the United States and what's more "American" than wearing a shirt that promotes that?


VB makes a good point, isn't the motto of NH "live free or die"? Apparently not in Epping, NH! In addition, President Trump WON the state of New Hampshire in the election...In my opinion, this should not have happened. It's not like the freshmen girl showed up in a President Trump bikini, I mean it's a T-shirt! It's perfectly fine. It would be as if I showed up to work wearing a Queen T-shirt (which will happen) & it made VB feel uncomfortable so our boss asked me to change shirts. How outrageous! Deal with it. Granted I work for a private company so there could be a dress code but not over band Ts...This girl had every right to wear that MAGA shirt & I fully expect President Trump's campaign for 2020 to visit NH & bring Ciretta out on stage wherever they are hosting an event!

-Producer Lightning


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