Are you suspicious about the Notre Dame Cathedral fire?

Yesterday, April 15th, on the same day in history that the Titanic went down, and the Boston Marathon Bombing took place, another tragedy took place; the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France caught on fire. The cathedral has been undergoing renovations as of late. The church is roughly around 800 years old. It is one of the most famous churches in the world and it contains precious relics that are of high importance to Christianity. Those relics include: The Crown of Thorns, Holy Nails, and pieces from the "True Cross". Reports say that the cause of the fire was an accident but they are still investigating the direct cause of the fire.


While this incident seems to be getting brushed off as an accident, I am very suspicious that there is more to it than that. For one, may I remind everyone that it is Holy Week. We are in one of the most important weeks of the year for Christians. Between Palm Sunday & Easter, is the week Jesus was crucified then rose from the dead. This is a HUGE week globally for Christians so to have the very church that houses the "Crown of Thorns", Holy Nails, and pieces from the cross that Jesus died on (on this very week hundreds of years ago) to go up in flames by "accident" is too big of a coincidence for me to believe there is not more to it. Now, okay sure accidents happen and lets consider the theory that a worker working on the renovations accidentally flicked a cigarette or a tool overheated, or some oiled rags com-busted and the structure caught on fire... that seems very unlikely. For one, while Parisians are known for smoking and we have this grand idea of them being cool and sophisticated with their cigarettes, do you really think the church of one of the most prominent churches in the world would hire some joe-schmo company to renovate? No. They hire highly sought after renovators who are expert professionals who have the utmost respect for the structure they are working on and I find it hard to believe the workers would be carelessly smoking or handling equipment near the 800 year old church made partly of wood! Plus reports say no one was working on the church at the time of the fire...

In addition, France has been on high alert for having terror attacks within the last couple years. Remember the Nice, France terror attack 3 years ago where a truck driver drove into a crowd killing 86 people? Then the November 2015 terror attack that targeted multiple locations such as a concert, sports stadium, and restaurants/bars in one night where 130 were killed. I could go on...Just look up terror attacks in France just in the last 5 years alone and it's sadly become common place.

Then a couple weeks ago at the end of March, there were 12 churches during one week alone that were vandalized and attacked across France. Breitbart reported on that weeks ago before the this fire occurred, HERE.


My point in all of this, is that I'm highly suspicious the Notre Dame Cathedral fire was due to an act of terrorism or an anti-Christian wanting to cause havoc. You can call me a conspiracy theorist and that's fine but knowing what I know with it being Holy Week, the relics in the church, and the history of terrorism in France, it's all too much to be one big coincidence. What do you think? VB thinks it's an accident. I do not.

The good news is that some of the relics were saved, such as the Crown of Thorns. While the spire did fall, they did not lose the entire structure of the cathedral. It took 400 firefighters to put out the massive fire there. Today President Macron made a public statement that he plans to renovate the church within 5 years:


What's your take away from this devastating fire? Do you think it was a simple mistake that resulted in tragedy or was there more to it and do you think this was an act of terrorism that all the details have not fully come out on yet?


VB & I debated heavily on this topic today & took your calls:


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