POTUS Trump is "having a good day"! Are you?

The Mueller Report was finally released today and Attorney General William Barr addressed some of it's contents and the findings in front of the press this morning. The problem Democrats are taking aim at here is the fact that the Department of Justice would not release the redacted report until 1 hour after Attorney General Barr makes his public press conference on the report. They, the Dems and some of the media think that the fact that the full report won't be released until after Barr makes his statements, seems unfair and allows for the administration to spin the news of the report favorably for the White House before anyone even sees the actual report. That's priceless...Robert Mueller found there to be no evidence whatsoever between Moscow & President Trump's campaign & yet some are still suspicious and find things to stew over and are nitpicking...


See how some of the media here hit Barr head on with confronting him about what a lot of the left leaning media have been accusing him of all along and that's playing favoritism towards the President. Barr just straight up mic dropped the media here and it was fantastic. When one of the reporters asked him what he has to say about being generous to the president or trying to protect him, he simply said, Mueller stated the facts in his report and believed sincerely that there was no collusion so I don't know your basis for that question. Boom.


The Democrats can call William Barr, Trump's personal attorney general all they want but the facts are the facts. There was NO COLLUSION. The democrats and mainstream media are acting like that immature child of yours that you tell no cookies to before dinner because it will spoil your dinner and even though you tell them the truth and what's best for you, they don't want to hear it or believe it. This is that. AG Barr is the parent, the mainstream media & the Democrats are the immature children. You don't want to believe something but that doesn't mean that no matter how many times you ask the same question a million different ways, that it will change the facts or the outcome. Come on people...just because you're not having a good day doesn't mean that others aren't...


I suggest you read the Mueller Report for yourself to make your own judgment. You can read the redacted report HERE.

-Producer Lightning


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